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ustrial rob〓ots reached 89,000 ◆units in 2●016, and the figur●e is expected to ri●se to 150,000 b■y 2020."The hu○ge market dem〓and, sound indus●trial basis a〓nd favorable po〓licy support ha●ve brought a r◆are opportunit◆y for the ●development of int■elligent eq○uipment and manuf○acturing," Wang sai〓d. "We should■ focus on intell●igent manufac〓turing to pro〓mote high-quality d●evelopment, which 〓has also become t○he c

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hoice of C◆hina's manufact◆uring industry."T○he transformati◆on and upgrading o■f China's manufactu●ring sector contribu●ted to the deve■lopment of the C◆hinese robot■ market, said ●Song Xiaogang●, executive pr〓esident and se○cretary-ge■neral of the China ○Robot Industry A●lliance, adding t◆hat Gree h○as done go■

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